Cuban Companies Replace Ozone-Depleting Substances

Havana, Aug 6. – The Cuban Ozone Technical Office (OTOZ) on Friday recognized over 30 national companies for not using ozone-depleting substances.

According to the website, that recognition was granted to entities that do not use cooling chlorofluorocarbons, known as CFCs, included in refrigeration and air-conditioners, insulating foams, solvents and disposable packaging.

The most recent companies to receive recognition are the Barcelo Marina Palace, Iberostal Playa Alameda and Brisas Guardalavaca hotels; the national wholesale medicine company; the Hotel Business and Tourism School, and the Marina Gaviota SA.

The elimination of CFCs is part of a national management program using the conversion of equipment so that it uses technology that does not have zone-depleting elements, or which has a low potential for them.

Since 1998, Cuba's tobacco producers stopped using ozone as a pesticide, and the initiative was extended in 2005 to protected crops, coffee crops, ornamental plants, granaries, domestic economy warehouses, and transport used for food.(Prensa Latina)