Cuban Antiterrorist Fighter Released from the Hole

Cuban Antiterrorist Fighter Released from the HoleHavana, Aug 4. – Cuban antiterrorist fighter Gerardo Hernandez, imprisoned in the United States, was transferred from the punishment cell where he had been since July 21 to the cell in which he is serving his sentence.

According to a press release, Hernandez, one of the Cuban Five, antiterrorist fighters held in U.S. prisons, spoke by telephone with his wife Adriana Perez, and told her that he had been moved from the "hole" to his cell on Tuesday.

The text confirms that the US Department of State reported his transfer to Cuban authorities on Tuesday afternoon.

According to Adriana, Gerardo was in a good spirits and his morale was high.

"On behalf of the Cuban people, we are thankful for the support and solidarity given by different organizations and people of goodwill who demanded the end of that cruel, inhuman treatment," the press release said.

"We will continue fighting until justice is done and the Five return home," it said.(Prensa Latina)