Cooperative Farmers in Camagüey Diversify their Food Productions

Cooperative Farmers in Camagüey Diversify their Food Productions  Camagüey, July 29 – The implementation of traditional methods, combined with ground-breaking ones in the food production, are a priority in the “Primero de Mayo” Credit and Service Cooperative (CCS), located in the municipality of Minas, explained its chairman Jorge Miranda Peral.

The raising of pigs, the production of cow’s and goat’s milk, the increase in honey production and the growing of vegetables and fruits are some of this CCS´s main targets for which its member-owners are ranked among the best food producers in this Cuban eastern territory.
Likewise, the cooperative farmers of this CCS are raising horses and mules, and they also manage themselves to farm different species of freshwater fish in a place known as “La Balastrera”, located in the northern stretch of the ring road heading to Nuevitas, where good results have become visible.

Miranda Peral highlighted that with the handing out of idle lands for the food production, new associates have joined this farmer’s co-op which will cause to expand its productions. (Eric Pacheco Fandiño / Radio Cadena Agramonte).