Local Government analizes economy

Local Government analizes economySanta Cruz del Sur, Jul 8. –The smooth running of the board of directors from the People’s Power, and its link with the heads of entities of local and provincial subordination focused the debates of this gobernmental body, carried out at the Shrimps Breeding  Company, which puts a special emphasis on the southern camaguey economy.

Improving the cadres capacity building on the economy issue, so as to tackle the productive process with great skill is one of the tackled difficulties, where links have permitted a greater efficacy to excerse the work and has also contributed to changes on the work styles and methods of some of them.

Commercial production was also object of debate, point where the Trade Enterprise did not fulfil witht the menchmarked plan in some 5,3 million pesos.That is why looking for new sale’s alternatives constitute a challenge for the workers belonging to this enterprise in the territory.  

These topics were developed last Wednesday at the Management Council of the people’s Power, where its members debated issues on Santa Cruz every day events.

The assessment of the mercantile circulation and the meassures to take so as to improve it, the and of the school year information and an overview of the Drugstores and Optician’s were reflection and assessment objective by this body, which is entended to guide and make comply the Government policy. . (Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)