Health Days benefit blood donors

Health Days benefit blood donors Santa Cruz del Sur, Jun 29. -With more than 200 blood donations so far, Santa Cruz del Sur declared to efficiently contribute to the provincial extraction plan of the red liquid destined to the Health Sector and the Cuban Medical Industry.

This territory has carried our Health Days, inserting specialized attentions to the donors with the necessary entertainment, achieving the incorporation of a great part of the assiduous population to this noble task aimed to save lives.

The purpose of this humanitarian operation is to rescue the frequency which donors usually attended to donate blood monthly.

With this same objective for the upcoming year, Santa Cruz del Sur foresees the monitoring of other Health Days, together with some other entities and organisms like the Committees for the Defence of the Revolution(CDR), Culture, Economy and Gastronomy Sectors which has always supported this altruistic action. (Hugo Betancourt Mayoral/ Radio Santa Cruz)