Venezuelan Socialists Call For Unity in Elections

Venezuelan Socialists Call For Unity in Elections        Caracas, Jun 11. -Venezuela's United Socialist Party (PSUV) candidate for deputy, Francisco Arias called on the socialists in Zuria to join to guarantee triumph in the September 26 elections.

According to the current vice Foreign minister, unity of party forces in the process of change, headed by Hugo Chavez, is a key issue in the elections to chose 185 deputies to the National Assembly.

It is of utmost importance because the opposition is going to try to divide us, planting seeds of dissension. They have no argument to reach the people and are going to try to buy and divide the people in the western territory, where the swearing in was made for the local campaign, he explained.

Arias also called on PSUV to do political work, house by house, to sustain the hope to continue with a broad majority in the Assembly.

We are going for all possible votes. We have to knock on all doors and explain to the people, he pointed out.

We are very clear where we are gong. The shortest objective is September 26 and the others are for the presidency in 2012 and building a new man and society, a socialist society, Arias stated.

PSUV has its campaign commandos at the ready for the elections where the aim is to obtain at least two thirds of the seats (110).

Meanwhile the opposition is also getting its mechanisms ready to gather votes. (Prensa Latina)