Bahamas: Black Tide to Arrive Next Weekend

Bahamas: Black Tide to Arrive Next Weekend        Nassau, May 27. -The Weather Department of Bahamas predicted the oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico might arrive in the coasts of Bahamas this weekend, when a variation in the winds is expected.

Bahaman official Michael Stubbs said the patterns point at a change of the direction of the air, against clockwise, which would push the crude oil current right to the Bahaman shores.

A part of the oil spill got into this current a week ago, and is moving describing a sort of curve in the Gulf of Mexico, to go to the Florida Strait towards the Atlantic Ocean.

Stubbs said the increase of crude oil in the zone would speed the arrival of black tides to Key Sal, Bimini and Grand Bahama, main points for fishing in the islands.

The situation would get worse with the arrival of the hurricane season on June 1st with predictions of up to 18 tropical storms, five of them intense.

The government got in touch with national and international agencies for equipments and experts, to prevent a catastrophe.

The authorities announced the islands might need international support some days ago.

The impact would be disastrous for the economy, the ecology, tourism and fishing.

Nearly 4 million barrels of crude oil are escaping to the sea surface daily, after the explosion and sinking of the US oil platform Deepwater Horizon in the south of Louisiana on April 22. (Prensa Latina)