UN Chief for Nuke Agreement

UN Chief for Nuke AgreementUnited Nations, May 25. -UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called on Monday for reaching an agreement in the Conference of Revision of the Treaty on the Non Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) slated to conclude on Friday.

We are in a crucial moment, said Ban after admitting the existence of differing points of view and urging the delegations to be pragmatic, abandon rethoric and look beyond narrow national interests.

There is so much at stake for the conference to end in failure, as it happened in the past, said Ban in his monthly briefing to journalists accredited to the UN in New York.

He warned that the people want a safe world, free from nuclear weapons, without the concern of the proliferation of those devices and of nuclear terrorism.

The NPT conference started on May 3 and is expected to adopt a final declaration that makes emphasis on the three pillars of the NPT: disarmament, non proliferation and peaceful use of nuclear energy.(Prensa Latina)