National Comptroller’s Office will audit the Fodder’s Factory

National Comptroller’s Office will audit the Fodder’s FactorySanta Cruz del Sur, Apr 22. -The fifth National Review to the Internal Control, organized by the Comptroller’s Office of the Republic has begun  in Santa Cruz del Sur. And the Fodder’s Factory, whcih belongs to ALISUR Eenterprise, is the chosen one. The one that is going to be audited throughout a month by the team already  present in the territory.

This was communicatedf to the press by Yaimé Bello Viamontes, Head of the Group of the General Comptroller’s Offcie. Yaimé pointed out that there are three main main objectives:

To evaluate the experiences and effectiveness of the results of the aplication of the Internal Control System Auto-control Guide and to see to it is this contributed to the improving and implementation of the system.

“To check the effectiveness of the Internal Control, according to the `fulfilment of the established objectives in the Resolution 297/03 of the Ministry of Finance and Price” , which regulates the definitions of Internal Control and the Content of the components and its regulations.

And finally “to verify the fulfilment of the Resolution13/06 of the extinct Audit and Control  Ministry that sets the instructions for the drawing up and systematic control of the measures’s schedule agains indisciplines, ilegalities and corruption demonstrations”, so as to corroborate  the effectiveness of the planned measures.

This excersice will allow to get to know the status of the control, exactly where the problems and causes are, to reach to an assessment of the key activity in the admnistrative-economic efficiency. The chosen entities were not previously notified and they do not respond to denounces or sings of irregularities, it was just a random way of choosing used by the Comptroller’s Office of the Republic.
(Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)