Successful dynamic test in Southern Camaguey

Successful dynamic test in Southern Camaguey Santa Cruz del Sur, Apr 19. – test for the elections of the delegates of the Municipal Assemblies of the People’s Power was carried out last Sunday in the southernmost city of Camaguey, so all the electoral colleges of the territory opened their doors first thing in the morning. 

The success of the upcoming elections will depend on the quality showed in the yesterday’s tryout. That is why the 900 members of the polling stations foresaw even the least details, that is to say the fitting out of the places with the national symbols, the ballot boxes and basic documents.

Everybody was part of this important tryout. Thousands of fellow countrymen were in charge of the communications, the flow of information to the local commission, the transportation of the electoral authorities, the food and other aspects.   

Even the most distant zones from Santa Cruz participated in this tryout and it was checked if the most diverse variants were ready to warrantee the flow of the reports. So there was a great participation of radio-hams, pigeon breeders and workers from the ETECSA and Radio-Cuba Enterprises.

As a side effect of this dynamic test, the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR) carried out a voluntary work so as to clean and beautify the neighbourhoods and the electoral colleges, and made a call to attend early morning to the next April 25th elections.
(Rolando Canaura Sánchez / Radio Santa Cruz)