Almost 3,000 Cuban Victims for US Hostility

Almost 3,000 Cuban Victims for US Hostility Havana, Apr 1. -Almost 3,000 Cubans is the result of 50 years of US hostility against the island, current target of a new phase of Washington media attacks and its traditional European allies.

In favor of the White House anti-Cuban policy, some European capitals, involved during the last decade in the Pentagon military adventures in several parts of the world, have avoided to condemn their partner for terrorist actions against the Caribbean country.

More than one hundred children affected by the introduction in 1981 of hemorrhage dengue, an outbreak of the disease without its presence in the region and evidences of a White House biological war in laboratories, are among the dead.

Foreigners as Italian tourist Fabio di Celmo, who was killed during a bomb attack at a Havana hotel in 1997, masterminded by a US-protected terrorist, are also included on the list.

For Luis Posada Carriles, responsible for the explosion in mid air of a Cuban aircraft in 1976 that killed 72 passengers, "Di Celmo was sitting in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Sabotages to economic sectors, the Bay of Pig invasion in 1961, the Mongoose Operation, the machine-gunning to coast towns, and recently to hotels, are small examples of the US link with anti-Cuban actions.

Activities against Cuba have obliged the country to raise its defensive capacity since the triumph of the Revolution in 1959.

With the People's War doctrine, applied here since the 80s, the number of regular people enlisted was reduced, although without neglecting the labor on the construction of protective works.(Prensa Latina)