[:es]Vote against blockade in UN: 191 in favor, 2 against[:]

[:es]Havana, Nov 1.- For the 26th time in a row the majority of the UN member states voted in favor of a Cuban resolution on the need to lift the over 50 years long US economic, financial and economic blockade against the Caribbean nation.

After a number of representatives from nations throughout the world, including the United States and Cuba, expressed their opinions on the resolution, a vote was called at the General Assembly.

Out of the 193 member states that could cast a vote, only the United States and Israel voted against, with no abstentions. This marked a shift in the US policy from last year when, along its ally, abstained following the thaw of relations initiated by the Obama administration.

Despite the huge support shown by the world against this criminal policy, the United States refused to bulge and defied the United Nations in a speech read by its Ambassador Nikki Haley.

The Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez demanded the end of the blockade and accused the US representative of lying when she tried to defend their outdated and failed policy.

Minister Rodriguez reiterated that Cuba will never surrender or bow to foreign pressure and will defend its sovereignty at all costs. He also thanked the international community for supporting Cuban position against the US on this issue. (ACN)[:]