[:es]Santa Cruz del Sur celebrates Cuba’s victory in United Nations[:]

[:es]The antique policy of imperialist blockade against Cuba recieved again an overwhelming defeet in the United Nations (UN) Organization Assembly, this Wednesday. They were just favoured by its ‘loyal poppy’ Israel.

Santa Cruz del Sur people followed on TV several speeches of countries representative supporting the resolution: Necessity to end the United States (US) economic, commercial, financial blockade against Cuba.

“We strongly denounced, one more time, the act that constitutes a flagrant, massive, and systematic violation of the human rights of Cubans”, referred Gelasio Calaña Pérez, an urban agriculture worker. “President Donald Trump is devoted to <fabricate> vile charges against our homeland to get in simpathy with Miami’s worms, however, he failled again. Fallacies from the north were destoyed”, he added.

By the twenty-sixth time in more than half a century, criminal claws are knocked. “Truth always appears”, said Erisbel Aguilar Ramírez, an accountant student at Raúl Rodríguez Moreno Economy School. “Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla made a fool of US Ambassador in UN. She didn’t know what was saying about October Crisis. The fashioned lady, I’m sure, has never come to Cuba. As a parrot repeated what someone wrote. She didn’t respect herself; she is an illiterate at Cuba’s History. Cubans will never change neither freedom nor sovereignty for anything,” pupil concluded.

Evis Noel Rodríguez Rosabal is a barber, he devoted a few time to do his job this Wednesday morning. “I excused with clients. I wouldn’t forgive myself losing so meaningful event. We hit again without stick or stone the one who believes to own the world. We obtained 191 votes in favour. A huge victory!”

“I watch everything. Our Foreign Minister made a master speech, full of moral, strenghth, dignity. US governors may keep dreaming. We don’t deal with socialism conquers achieved by people,” pointed out Esmérida Quintanel Vega, a housewife.

The monster will keep isolated, just Israel reports back every minute. It was clear, once again in UN, the indestructible unity of people, the right to live in peace, to respect each other, to freely choose the political course of a nation. The empire has no place to hold on.[:]