Cubans Celebrate May Day More United

Cubans Celebrate May Day More United Havana, May 1. – While millions of people are without a job in the world because of the world economic global crisis, Cubans will celebrate the International Workers Day (May Day) in an embrace for unity, development and in defense of the Revolution.

Every year, the Cuban Workers Federation (CTC) organizes activities and parades in all the municipalities and cities of the country, to which hundred of foreign delegations arrive.

This time the central activity will include a parade, which will begin at the 08:00 local time in the historical Jose Marti Revolution Square, in this capital, where thousands of people divided in blocks will make their presence.

Ready to start will be the representatives of the sector of the public health, artists and scientists, athletes and transport companies… all with the creativity and the push of the workers and intellectuals.

Organizers hope that, like it is habitual, millions of workers and their relatives participate in the activities predicted they will be massive and patriotic, as a reflex of the backup to the Revolution.

CTC Secretary General Salvador Valdés, stated that for the Cubans, to strengthen the indestructible unity around the Revolution, the Communist Party, is an unshakable commitment.

Since the revolutionary victory in 1959, millions of Cubans attend the marches summoned to commemorate the recall day to the Martyrs of Chicago, executed in that American city in 1886 to demand the establishment of the 8-hour labor day.

It is habitual that the population goes very early to the squares where they will carry out the activities characterized by the happiness of the participants, dressed in general with red, blue and white garments and holding Cuban flags.

The attendance of personalities of diverse parts of the world contrasts the Cuban celebrations for May Day with the protest manifestations in other parts of the world.

We will have a grandiose May Day, with the premise that we will make it with rationality, without big expenses, Valdés said, when assuring that participants will transmit a clear message to the world of the unity and solidness of the revolutionary process.

For many people in the island, when the world faces one of the worst economic crises and unemployment reigns in almost all countries, the Cuban workers are blissful of having a labor position for sure, offering tranquillity to their relatives.

According to figures of the International Labor Organization (ILO) they are more than 90 million unemployed people and it is calculated that this year, 51 more million should be added.

ILO noticed that the world can live a persistent labor and employment crisis in the next six or eight years, if urgent measures are not adopted.

ILO specified that the world needs to create some 300 million jobs for 2015 to absorb, at least, the arrival of 45 million people to the labor market every year.

Only in the European Union there are more than 23 million people without work that represent 9.6 percent of the economically active population, the biggest level since January 2000.

Among them, 15.76 million are in the euro area, where the unemployment increased up to 10 percent, the worst figure since August 1998.

Meanwhile, the European Union Conference stated Thursday that in the European eastern countries, the problems with the employment arose starting from the so-called "democratic opening" and of the economic turns toward neoliberalism.

For this institution the factors giving an impact in the increase of misery in that area are due to the fact that having a job does not even mean to be able to satisfy all the needs.(Prensa Latina)