National Theater Festival, an Artistic Thermometer for Cuban Society

Camagüey, Cuba, Oct 16 .- The public was able to assess the health of theater after watching several plays and a series of theoretical workshops, during the National Theater Festival that will conclude in this central-eastern Cuban city on Monday.


After one of the experience sharing meetings among specialists, playwrights and theater enthusiasts, the National Theater Award winner Osvaldo Doimeadios noted ‘the importance of an event where the essential thing is not competition, but confrontation with several audiences and dialogue with the playwrights.’

The director of the event, presented by Centro Promotor del Humor, assured that this great festival ‘broadened its horizons by being inclusive and contributing proposals from a Cuban perspective that would work for theater’.

Although the Festival is not competitive, its merits lie in showing what is happening in Cuban theater, especially the new artists and directors. ‘Its proposals are the thermometer,’ said the actor and playwright, who has also ventured into cinema.

The legacy and continuity of Cuban theater were evident in this opportunity in each site in this World Heritage City, where ‘sometimes people wait longer because there are only two stages. We should extend the seasons in the country, especially outside the Cuban capital’, Doimeadios noted. Turning the whole year into a great festival becomes a primordial objective ‘because if fans increase, expectations go along, then that exchange cannot be lost. We should do more seasons, so plays would have a greater impact,’ said the actor.