Havana to Host 3rd Congress of Cuban Avant-Garde Artists

Havana, Oct 17 .-With the participation of around 300 delegates from all over the country, Havana is hosting Tuesday the Third Congress of the Hermanos Saiz Association (AHS), a group of young Cuban avant-garde artists.


According to the AHS President, Rubiel Garcia Gonzalez, the meeting will be an opportunity to review compliance with the agreements made at the last congress and the functioning of the institutions, in correspondence with artists’ interests.

In addition, it will allow the debate on crucial issues such as the loss of values and national identity, key factors to preserve the collective work that is the Cuban Revolution.

The exchange will be done in commissions, which are constituted by artistic manifestations and other aspects such as cultural promotion, new technologies, artistic education, the statutes and regulations of the association.

According to Garcia Gonzalez, during the meeting will be recognized the achievements achieved in the materialization of projects, the approach to the municipal cells, as well as the nexus of the organization and the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba to the artistic movements.

The activities also include exhibitions, book presentations, conferences, concerts and the presentation of the Maestro de Juventudes (‘Master of Youth’) Prize, which every year recognizes personalities of Cuban culture.

This time, the event is dedicated to the 150 years of the beginning of the independence struggles and to the figure of the Commander in Chief, Fidel Castro Ruz.

The AHS is a non-governmental organization that gathers the most relevant writers, artists, intellectuals and promoters, aged up to 35.

Born in 1986, its name pays tribute to the Cubans Luis Rodolfo Saiz Montes de Oca and Sergio Enrique Saiz Montes de Oca, young students who died fighting against Fulgencio Batista’s dictatorship.