[:es]Cuban Cosmonaut Talks to Latin American Group at Unesco[:]


Paris, Oct 28.- Cuban cosmonaut Arnaldo Tamayo spoke with representatives of the Latin American and Caribbean Group (Grulac) at Unesco and told of his experience as the first Latin American to travel to space.


Tamayo, who visits the headquarters of that United Nations organization to receive the Space Science Medal, declared that it is a great honor to obtain the award, which ‘recognizes the entire Cuban people,’he indicated.

Before a large and interested public, the cosmonaut explained that his trip to space, made as part of a joint program between the Caribbean nation and the already disappeared Soviet Union, shows the will of the Cuban government to boost knowledge and research.

According to Tamayo, the development of science has been a priority for Havana since the beginning of the Revolution and for that reason there is an extensive network of universities and research centers scattered throughout the country.

Regarding his trip to space, which he did in September 1980 with the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Romanenko, he emphasized that he had results of high importance for Cuba from the scientific point of view, thanks to the experiments and research that they were able to carry out.

He also shared several anecdotes about the impact, for the human being, of traveling to space in the physical, psychological and emotional aspects.

He commented on the importance of continuing the exploration and research of the cosmos, always for peaceful purposes, because ‘it is part of that desire that humanity has always had to know the world we live in.’

Attendees, ambassadors and diplomatic representatives of the Grulac asked questions to inquire in depth about the experience of the cosmonaut, who is decorated with Hero of the Republic of Cuba. (Prensa Latina)