[:es]Cuba Rejects US Blockade at WTO Ministerial Meeting[:]


Havana, Mar 22 .-Cuba rejected the blockade imposed by US for more than a century in an informal ministerial meeting of the member countries of the World Trade Organization (WTO) that was held in India.


The blockade (economic, commercial and financial) against my country constitutes one of the greatest violations of the principles of international economic development and contradicts the principles of free trade and the rules dictated by the WTO, said the ambassador of Havana in New Delhi, Oscar Martínez, informs today the website of the Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry.

Martinez referred to the effort made by the island to be inserted into the global trading system under particularly difficult conditions as a result of the aforementioned siege.

The meeting, held on March 19 and 20 at the initiative of the Indian government, was attended by 53 countries represented by ministers, deputy ministers, ambassadors and specialists in international trade, who exchanged ideas on the current policies of the WTO in order to follow up to pending agreements and stimulate global economic growth. (Prensa Latina)