Diaz-Canel denounces US actions against Cuban sports

Havana, Jan 6.- President Miguel Diaz-Canel denounced the actions taken by the Caribbean Professional Baseball Confederation (CPBC) to prevent Cuba from participating in the upcoming Caribbean Series.


Cuban sports are also attacked by the empire, Diaz-Canel wrote on Twitter.

On Saturday, the Cuban Baseball Federation (FCB) issued a communiqué informing that Cuba was marginalized from that event, scheduled from February 1-7 in Puerto Rico, due to pressure from the United States.

The FCB noted that the reasons claimed by the CPBC were ‘alleged difficulties with the time available to process the US visas to travel to Puerto Rico’.

According to the FCB, CPBC President Juan Puello pointed out that ‘in no way the Cuban people, its authorities or its athletes are the reasons for this decision, as the context is duly established and escapes from their control.’

The CBPC’s decision was the result of yielding to arbitrary pressure from the Government of the United States, and complements other deceitful actions by its Commissioner, who has also hindered Cuba’s full membership in that genuinely Caribbean organization, the FCB charged. (Prensa Latina)