[:es]Cuba Has First Rural Art Gallery[:]


Cienfuegos, Cuba, Feb 17 .-Avant-garde artist Nelson Domínguez gave life to the project of the first art gallery in the southern-central rural community of El Jobero.

The Teatro de los Elementos theater company has been based for more than 25 years in the cultural community of El Jobero, in the mountainous municipality of Cumanayagua. It was founded and directed by José Oriol González, who also participates in the initiative.

The project ‘Galerías rurales’ seeks to extend to other areas of the countryside with economic development prospects, Dominguez said.

The second of its kind is conceived to be installed in the community of La Juba, in Santiago de Cuba province.

These innovative exhibition halls correspond to one of the main lines of the artist’s work, focused on spreading knowledge and interaction with art in places far from the big urban centers.

Raised in 1949 in an intricate site in the Sierra Maestra maintain range, main stage of the national liberation war (1956-58) led by Fidel Castro, Domínguez has the endorsement of a multi-laureate work in Cuba, Bulgaria, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, Ecuador, Spain, France and India, among other countries. (Prensa Latina)