[:es]Cuba Celebrates 123 Years of Resumption of Independence Struggles[:]


Havana, Feb 25 .-Cuba yesterday celebrates the 123 anniversary of the resumption of independence struggles and the beginning of the fights known as necessary war, organized by José Martí to achieve the definitive separation of Spain.


As the maximum representative of the Cuban Revolutionary Party, Martí organized the insurrection in the East and in the rest of the country since the emigration.

To achieve its objectives, the independence leader leaned on the top figures of the so-called War of 10 years (1868-1878) and managed to articulate a movement that responded to his orders.

Under the direction of Martí and Máximo Gómez, as commanding general of the Liberation Army, the conflict broke out on February 24, 1895 with the simultaneous uprising at several points on the island.

That fact is known as the Grito de Baire or Grito de Oriente. This last name was proposed to achieve greater precision when dealing with an uprising with multiple foci.

The conflict ended with the intrusion of the United States in 1898 and the frustration of the truly free republic dreamed by Martí (who fell in combat in May 1895).

Decades later, the necessary war served as an inspiration to the fighters of the War of National Liberation (1956-1958), led by Fidel Castro and with which Cuba achieved definitive independence.

To reflect the tradition of inherited struggle in each stage of national history, Fidel Castro himself referred on several occasions to the fact that the Cuban Revolution was one, initiated in October 1868. (Prensa Latina)