[:es]Blockade of Cuba, the main obstacle to our full development[:]

[:es]By John G. Mendoza Medina/ Radio Cadena Agramonte.

Perhaps say this again and some of them seem to chatter or justifications to the socio-economic problems facing the country today, but what is certain is that the embargo that for more than half a century imposed by the United States against Cuba, is a reality that much affects us.

The figures are eloquent in regard to losses, valued at more than four thousand million dollars in just the period from April 2016 to June 2017. That amount, in how many works of benefit for the people of the island would have been able to invest?

But if you seem distant statistics, suffice it to then analyze the consequences of the genocidal policy in the individual order, because although not developed as the cause of our problems, if it is latent in many of them.

And I agree with those who now believe in that other auto-apply us lock, and that also limits the development due to the lack of management, initiative or desire to renew and to do. This is another reality that it is up to us to transform it, and it has to do with the call that has been made on several occasions the Army General Raúl Castro to remove obstacles and put skill creator to what we do.

However, the other lock, in force since 1962 causes more severe damage that go against human life itself, as it intends to halt the progress in all sectors of the country and create an internal chaos to destroy the Revolution. That is the truth.

Once more, and if necessary, Cuba claims this Wednesday at the United Nations in order to the unjustified policy that strengthens the tenant of the White House, Donald Trump, which professes a marked disrespect and hatred toward those who inhabit this island in the Caribbean.

This claim, with the addition of almost all the countries of the world, we do all that we have ever experienced the effects of the blockade, and the fact that, despite its persistence, we strive each day to build us a better future. (Photo: Radio Rebelde)[:]