[:es]Anti-corruption Crusade Continues in Venezuela[:]


Caracas, Dec 1st.- The crusade against terrorism carried out by the Venezuelan government and especially the president, Nicolás Maduro, and his attorney general, Tarek William Saab,  is headline in political and social circles and press media.

In addition to the complaints and arrests of more than 50 managers of the state-owned Petroleos de Venezuela SA (Pdvsa), including the executives of Citgo, the subsidiary in the United States, and persons linked to the exploitation of the Orinoco Strip, the Public Ministry (MP) announced yesterday investigations on the electricity sector.

During an interview in the Punto de Encuentro program, broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión, William Saab said that in the coming days he will make the announcement of those involved and those arrested in these cases.

This evil, corruption, endemic in many countries, is being strongly fought by the government of Maduro, who promised to get to the bottom of the problem, no matter who is involved in these crimes.

The Venezuelan prosecutor also announced that they will reveal new cases of corruption with companies in briefcase that requested dollars from the previous Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (Cadivi) for the importation of food and medicine, but were used for other purposes.

Regarding the plot uncovered at Citgo Petroleum Corporation, which involves six former officials of senior management, the Deputy Minister for International Communication, William Castillo, considered Wednesday that could be considered as the second attempt of an oil coup in Venezuela.

‘It could be said that what was recently discovered in the Orinoco Oil Belt and what Citgo can be described as the second oil coup attempt in Venezuela. I have no doubt about it,’ he denounced.

The official said that behind pretensions of stripping Citgo of its assets, ‘there are the corporate interests, the energy interests of the United States and corporations of the world that want to take advantage of the situation in Venezuela, strike a blow and strip us of our riches.’

In the case of the subsidiary in the United States if the dispossession of its assets had materialized through a false loan of four billion dollars, the country would have lost six thousand gas stations, 48 fuel distribution and storage terminals and three refineries that owns the Citgo company in the United States, Castillo said.

Today it is expected that more elements of corruption cases will be revealed, although there is still no mention of the construction of the Caracas Metro, where the Brazilian company Odebrecht participated, which also some investigations accuse of corruption. (Prensa Latina)