New Art Creators Graduated in Camagüey

New Art Creators Graduated in Camagüey Camagüey, Jul 18.- New Music, Dance and Audiovisual Media professionals graduated in the subsidiary of the Cuban University of the Arts (ISA) in the city of Camagüey.

In the current graduation, 24 Bachelors of Arts received their supporting diplomas, among them five who received Degree with Honors, with special emphasis on those of the Audiovisual Media specialty, including the most outstanding student, director Yaser Socarrás.

“It is our moment now and as young people and besides artists, it is our duty not to let people remain indifferent before our art and this we will only accomplish if we are honest, professional, and stauch supporters of our thought and historical moment”, young director Yaser Socarrás voiced.

There are a total of 214 students from East Central Cuba that have graduated in this institution, in undergraduate and graduate courses, stressing the 33 students that got their Masters in Latin American Culture, one of its kind in the country.

Rector of the subsidiary M.Sc. Maria Antonieta Ríoseco highlighted the exceptional nature of both students and teaching staff, and the collaboration and integrity to overcome material difficulties, such as the lack of a venue of their own – since theirs is being built – one of the “reasons to continue dreaming”.

The artistic gala included the performances of teachers and students, as well as of recognized groups like the Ballet of Camagüey, the Folkloric Ballet, the Scherzo Duet and the Maraguan Artistic Ensemble.(Radio Cadena Agramonte)