Newspaper Denounces Attempts to Associate Cuba with Riots in Syria

Newspaper Denounces Attempts to Associate Cuba with Riots in Syria Havana, May 10. – The intelligence services of the United Status try to associate Cuba to the current unrest in Syria, denounced on Thursday Granma newspaper.

An article by the Canadian journalist resident in Cuba, Jean-Guy Allard, remarks that the U.S. propaganda entity uses Cuban-American personnel and Syrian people controlled from Miami to create subversive campaigns against both countries, which Allard denominates the Syria-Cuba Show.

It also criticizes information from the Spanish news agency EFE, which states that "Syrian dissidents and Cuban in Miami-base of all anti-Cuban plots in the U.S.-, created a front to fight Castro and Al Assad".

The so called agreement, Allard says, is not the first attempt to associate the Middle East nation with the Caribbean island.

In his article Miami Delirium, the journalist recalled that a few weeks ago, a so-called briefing at the U.S. Congress opened debate on the subject of an "Arab Spring in Cuba," with lawmakers Mario Diaz-Balart, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen and David Rivera, whom he calls mafia.

Syria is experiencing a wave of violence provoked by the actions of armed groups and financed and coming from abroad, whose attacks have caused over 400 deaths.

Regional personalities, like the Grand Mufti of the Republic, Ahmad Hassoun, have denounced that the West, U.S. and Israel are behind a conspiracy against Syria, the only country free from Pentagon military bases in the region.(Prensa Latina)