Cuban Activist in U.S. Demands to Break Silence against Terrorism

Washington, May 9. – Cuban Activist Andres Gomez, director of the Areito Digital magazine, called on Wednesday to break the silence imposed in Miami regarding the terrorist attack that recently destroyed the offices of Airline Brokers.

Gomez underlined that Miami's press has silenced the terrible event that caused a fire on April 27 in the offices of the airline, which organizes direct charter flights to Cuba, and does not give that attack the importance it bears.

"Public officials, elected and not elected, those who are responsible for the security and welfare of our community, have not said a word condemning this violent act that occurred two weeks ago", Gomez noted.

The director of Areito Digital accused the local media in south Florida of adopting an irresponsible silence on the vandalistic action that caused serious damage.

After the incident, organizations comprising the Marti Alliance joined their voices to the Foundation for the Normalization of Relations between the United States and Cuba, the Cuban-American Defense League and the Socialist Workers Party to publicly condemn the terrorist attack.(Prensa Latina)