Improvisation Contest at Cubadisco-2012

Havana, Apr 27.- Singers and composers of rural music will entertain at the International Cubadisco 2012 Fair with songs at a contest of repentismo or improvisation, that is to compose, play, recite,or sing verses on the spur of the moment.

People chosen at random or a member of the jury will give the competitors the lead phrase to improvise their decima, song verses from rural Cuba arranged in ten-line pattern that will be declared Intangible Patrimony at the Fiesta of Cuban music starting May 19th.

Several preliminary rounds embody the contest through the finals for the top prize,called the Sinsonte de Oro.

They will also sing five-verse pattern controverses (friendly dispute between two or more rivals), reads the program on the website of co-sponsor Centro Iberoamericano de la Décima, together with Cuban repentista Alexis Diaz Pimienta as head coordinator and promoter and the Instituto Cubano de la Musica. Mayabeque Province will host from May 23rd to 26th the World Championship of Repentismo. (Prensa Latina)