Aspirants to Mexican PAN Candidature in First Public Debate

Mexico, Jan 17. -The three aspirants to the candidature of the ruling National Action Party (PAN) for the presidency of Mexico, Josefina Vazquez Mota, Ernesto Cordero and Santiago Creel, will hold on Tuesday their first public debate.The debate will begin at 13:30 local time, at the PAN national headquarters, and will be available at Journalist Adriana Perez Cañedo will be the moderator.

Each participant will have 60 minutes to express their criteria, distributed in five speeches.

In the first debate, they will talk of their political work and the reasons why they want to be a presidential candidate.

In the following three opportunities, they should analyze the country's general situation, challenges, possibilities and perspectives. To close the debate, the three aspirants should express their conclusions and send a final message.

Jose Espina, president of the National Elections Commission of the PAN, stated that the debates will only be available online, because of the electoral law prohibiting their broadcasting. The election of the candidate will be through a vote among that party's members on February 5.

According to some polls, Vazquez Mota has so far more than 57 percent of preferences, followed by Creel, with a little more than 20, and Cordero, with 18. (Prensa Latina)