Nicaragua Prepares Inauguration of Daniel Ortega

Managua, Dec 21. -Nicaragua is ready to welcome many international delegations that will attend the inauguration, on January 10, of President Daniel Ortega, reelected on November 6, according to coordinator of the Communication and Citizenship Council Rosario Murillo.

Murillo told the TV progam Multinoticias on Channel 4, that Nicaragua is organizing a national celebration with delegations from all municipalities and departments.

According to Murillo, Ortega will be sworn in to continue developing social, economic and cultural programs, which have helped the country to fight poverty.

The alliance and consensus model in all sectors of society, defended by the Executive, guarantees peace, safety, governability and success in all programs, said Murillo.

She also noted that such programs have taken into account farmers, producers and cooperatives, as well as city dwellers, business people and investors, because the country belongs to everyone.

The main objective of this government is to guarantee common good, peace and joy in all homes in Nicaragua, Murillo stated.

We have made many progresses because we are together, Murillo said, referring to government and people, because the main motto since the government took office in 2007 was the "People President" through dialogue, consultations, proposals and specific answers.

Murillo recalled that Nicaragua has capable institutions such as the Ministry of Health, the National Program for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Attention, the Policy and the Army to protect and defend the peace of Nicaraguan families. (Prensa Latina)