CELAC Summit Votes for Cuba to Host 3rd Meeting

CELAC Summit Votes for Cuba to Host 3rd MeetingHavana, Dec 3. – The 33 members of the newly-founded Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) voted for Cuba to host the meeting of that regional bloc in 2013.

Cuba will host the third summit, while Chile will organized the second meeting of CELAC in 2012.

After the opening speaches, President Hugo Chavez, as the host, said they were to salute the birth of the organization and the Granma Yatch landing (which sailed from Tuxpan, Mexico, and landed in Cuba on December 2, 1956), a date that marks the foundation of Cuba's Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR).

Cuban President Raul Castro called on participants to assist Haiti, now the poorest country in Latin America, and pledged his country's determination to keep its help and professionals there as long as it takes.(Prensa Latina)