Racial Violence, A Global Problem

Havana, Nov 25. -Beating, slaps, kicks was considered up to few years ago the only expression of violence within the family.This concept, very vague and controversial until few years ago, thanks a rise in women´s participation in social and labor life, along with equality and education policies, has allowed that other forms of women´s mistreatments, including sexual or psychological, has come out.

Racial violence is currently a global problem, which in its most common form refers to mistreatment by her husband.

Physical abuse is the greater cause of injures among women in many countries worldwide. Only in the United States, almost 4,000 women, regardless of race or social status, kill every year for this cause, worsen it in time, pass it on from generation to generation, and expand it to other members of the family.

Despite abuses, experts say it is difficult in many cases to achieve that those who suffer, do something to stop beatings and the humiliation they are subjected to. (Prensa Latina)