Gaddafi’s Family to Sue CNT and NATO for Crimes

Tripoli, Oct 29. -Muammar Gaddafi's family will sue insurgents and NATO leaders for crimes against humanity, although the National Transitional Council (CNT) reiterated its promise to prosecute the murderers of former Libyan leader.Not yet officially confirmed reports reported that Gaddafi's widow and daughter Aisha would be coordinating action before the International Criminal Court to file a complaint against Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and the head of the National Transitional Council.

The complaint would be based on NATO's involvement in the bombings that killed thousands of Libyans from the two warring parties, as well as one of its last actions, where presumely Gaddafi resulted injured when he tried to leave in Sirte on October 20.

The air strike on a convoy on the outskirts of Sirte allowed insurgents to capture the former leader and shortly after killed him with his son Muatassim and former Defense Minister Abubakr Yunnis.

Gaddafi's family, including his son Saadi also currently a refugee in Niger, accused NATO and the rebels of committing crimes against humanity during the war to topple the previous government.

Local media reports says that Saif Al-Islam, son of Gaddafi, crossed the Libyan border and is protected by Tuareg tribes in Niger or Mali territory. The same sources said that Saif tries to find a safe means of transport to supposedly travel to The Hague, where he would respond to the arrest warrant issued against him, his father and former chief of intelligence Abdullah Al-Senussi by the International Criminal Court (ICC ). (Prensa Latina)