Combats Get Stronger in Sirte, Libyan Capital Remains in Tension

Tripoli, Oct 15. -Libyan insurgents used many tanks and heavy artillery in Sirte to try to submit Gadaffi loyalists while tension prevails in this capital after clashes in Abu Salim.The National Transitional Council (NTC) forces continued its destructive offensive downtown Gadaffi home town although more cautious than last Friday because of lack of experience in street fight.

Eyewitnesses told reporters that snipers on the flat roof of buildings are the biggest obstacle for the insurgents' attempt to control the locality apart from the resistance at the urban guerrillas' style.

The advance moved slowly because of lack of support of the NATO planes that apparently has diminished its bombings to avoid attacking rebels detachments already deployed inside the city.

The commander of the NTC Abdul Hadi said the -Gadaffi now control about 700 metres from south to north along with the mediterraneum Coast and from one kilometre and a half east to west in one residential town.

Hadi said the strategy is to hit the bastions of resistance first with tanks and artillery and then will send vans with antiaircraft machines guns and the infantry later.

The pro governmental forces have killed many with grenade launchers, rockets, bombs, and light weapons, noted sources.

Bisedes Sirte, Gadaffi loyalists also skirmish in Bani Walis desert locality in spite of more than one month of siege by the opposition forces.

Neighbours confirmed that between 20 and 100 pro-Gaddafi fighters reached the town with raising the Libyan flag (in green) and machine guns, and were repelled by over 200 men of the NTC that arrived there with trucks gunship. (Prensa Latina)