Libyan Rebels Counterattack; Sirte Remains Unconquered

Tripoli, Oct 14. -Libyan rebel forces intensified on Friday the attacks in areas downtown Sirte, after they were forced on Thursday to withdraw given the strong resistance of those loyal to leader Muammar Gaddafi.Locals that could flee from the city told reporters that combats sporadically continued during Friday early morning strengthening in the morning in the Number Two and the 'Dollar' neighborhoods.

Members of the National Transitional Council (NTC), which were previously backed by NATO air raids, also burst into public and government buildings.

The remnant pro-Gaddafi forces continue resisting in various strongholds downtown Sirte and are determined to defend the city until the end, as they also establish detachments in Bani Walid.

NTC remains silent regarding the media demand so that contradictory information related to the supposed capture of Muatassim Gaddafi, son of the leader, whose whereabouts are unknown, is clarified.

Skepticism over the death of Muatassim increased when head of the NTC in Tripoli, Abdulah Naker, affirmed the leader´s son was captured after four hours of combats, while two rebel spokespersons in the capital and in Benghazi stated they could not verify such information. (Prensa Latina)