Global Tourism Expected to Grow by 2030

Havana, Oct 13. -In spite of current obstacles posed by wars and uncertainties, the global tourism industry expects a significant increase in operations by 2030.Reports from the World Tourism Organization estimate that by that time, more than 1.70 billion people will be part of the world market of travel and leisure.

Reports indicate that despite encouraging figures, the growth will slow down while Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa will lead in market share.

Titled "Tourism towards 2030," the study released by the WTO was drafted on the occasion of the 19th WTO General Assembly in the South Korean city of Gyeongju.

The text adds that according to forecasts, there will be an average three percent annual growth in world tourist flows in the next two decades, reaching 1.70 billion travellers.

It may even reach 1.90 billion travellers yearly by 2030, exceeding the figures of 2010 (940 million).

However, experts consider that despite those high figures, operations will be slower in the next few years, with an average 4.2 percent growth expected for the period 1980-2020, and an average three percent for the period 2010-2030 attributed to a lower growth of the Gross Domestic Product, among other factors.

Previous forecasts pointed to an average yearly growth of 4.1 percent through 2020.

According to forecasts, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa will have higher growth than Europe and Latin America.

Reports indicate that emerging economies will go from a current global tourism market share of 30 percent to 58 percent by 2030. Europe will fall from 51 percent to 41 percent, and Latin America will fall from the current 16 percent to 14 percent. (Prensa Latina)