U.S. Blockade Hurts Cuban Printing Corporation

Havana, Oct 12. -The Cuban printing corporation Union Poligrafica has lost over 1.6 million USD as a consequence of the U.S.-imposed blockade for 50 years ago.That institution, comprised by 28 companies, produces books, pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, printed labels and folding containers, among others and aims at satisfying the demand of domestic market and exportable funds.

In case of having that amount, the industry could produce nearly nine million top-quality notebooks, 21 percent of the country's needs for the current academic course.

The Alfredo Lopez graphic company is not exempt from such damages, because the blockade also affects its production, director Ramon Garcia told press.

Garcia said the economic, financial, and trade siege has forced them to seek suppliers in distant places such as Europe and Asia, use credits in unfavorable conditions, and prevents them from participating in regional events of the sector. (Prensa Latina)