Unasur Highlights Biometric Registration in Bolivian Elections

La Paz, Oct 12. -Head of the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR) mission of observers, Fausto Camacho, underlined the importance of biometric registration for Bolivia´s Judiciary Sunday elections.Camacho termed the elections unique and important to strengthen the democracy and the openness for administering justice, showing why many wish to adopt the proficient system, whose success he has seen along many years of work through out Latin America.

Biometrics or Identity access management and access control helps ID people through specific features like fingerprint, face recognition, DNA, Palm print, hand geometry, iris recognition -largely replaced retina- and odour/scent. It may include voice, gait and typing rhythm.

The Unasur brass says the system helped introducing to the data base an important number of able-bodied voters.

"Bolivians should be proud of it. Having such system, whose completion with other elements even allow to issue ID cards," he stressed, reminding that over five million Bolivians will vote on October 16 to elect the members of the Supreme Elections Court, Constitution Court, the Farming and Environment Court and the Supreme Court.

An agreement of the organizations that make up the integration mechanism stipulates that Unasur plays a supervision role rather being a simple observer.

The Unasur experts that arrived in La Paz for the Judicial Elections representing Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela will focus their work on La Paz, Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, Tarija and El Alto City.

Camacho said Unasur will submit on October 19 a report on the transparency of Sunday's elections that will include recommendations to the Supreme Elections Commission. (Prensa Latina)