Ambassador: Cuba Together with the Venezuelan People

Ambassador: Cuba Together with the Venezuelan PeopleCaracas, Dec. 29. -Cuba´s aid to victims of torrential rains in Venezuela is part of the Revolution´s vocation for sharing with other peoples, said the Cuban ambassador in Caracas, Rogelio Polanco.

In an interview with Venezolana de Television, Polanco said that what is most important is not to give what is left over, but to share what you have, which is real solidarity among sister nations.

The Cuban ambassador said that Venezuela has done a lot for Cuba and other Latin American nations during the last few years.

“Cuba has done so, too, because it is the settling of our debt to humanity. We have been doing it since the beginning of the Revolution,” said Polanco.

The diplomat recalled that the first Cuban medical brigade that traveled abroad on a mission to save lives in 1963, and since then, Cuban doctors and collaborators have gone to countries all over the world.

Polanco noted that thousands had provided their services in very remote places and under tough conditions, such as the case of Pakistan after the 2005 earthquake.

Another significant example was Haiti, where about 1,300 Cuban doctors and health staff are currently providing their services, trying to eliminate the cholera epidemic there and prevent the disease from spreading to other continents.

To date, Cuban doctors have treated some 47,000 people with cholera in Haiti, and have created groups of active inquiry, using the experience of the Barrio Adentro mission in Venezuela. The idea is to go to the source of the disease, and that is with the support of Venezuela, stated Polanco.

“Cuba and Venezuela are providing a real example of what kind of solidarity needs to be practiced today in countries like Haiti, which have been forgotten by the rest of the world,” stressed Polanco. (Prensa Latina)