Cuban Theatre Company Touring United States

Havana, Oct 7. -The Cuban Theatre company La Luna is touring United States and its first stage will be the University City Winston-Salem in North Caroline.Later, the Cuban company is scheduled to premiere a bilingual version of the populat play "Delirio Habanero" by Cuban dramaturge Alberto Pedro.

According to company's website, US cities New York, Vermont, Chapel Hill and Miami are also included in La Luna tour program.

The Company is directed by the young dramaturge Raul Martin and the cast is made up by Amarilys Nuñez, Mario Guerra and Laura de la Uz.

This time, members of the company will have the opportunity to exchange with university students through conferences, talks and exhibitions of the work process before the performance on stage.

The play Delirio Habanero comes to United States with very positive critics after its premiere in Cuba in 2006. It tells the story of three characters; two of them are emblematic personalities of the Cuban music, who talk about memories, greatness and weaknesses with giving up their identities through singing dancing and jokes. (Prensa Latina)