People from Santa Cruz del Sur claim reject terrorism

The usual claim of justice for the return home of the Cuban Five intensifies every month’s 5th day in the international campaign Five for the Five. This day brings about another motive: the fact that René González might come back home with his family next October 7th after losing his freedom 13 years ago.

“I never imagined none of them would serve so may years in prison, especially after the world community has joined the struggle for their returning and giving the fact that in the very United States there are people deploying initiatives with the same purpose“, said Roberto Alcalá, a fisherman in this town.

“It’s been to much with René”, said Maribel Rodríguez, while she caresses the curly hair of her little offspring. “I do not know how his family, and especially his wife Olga, have put up with so painful separation. She, just like Adriana, Gerardo’s wife, are people to be admired. They are the undeniable prove that there are still Marianas, Vilmas, Celias, and Haydees.

We demand President Barack Obama to free our fellowmen, we demand him to put end to the suffering of their families, which are as condemned as they are. We demand him to do something important so he can justify the Nobel Prize he received without deserving it.(Redacción Digital/ Radio Santa Cruz)