Over 220,000 Guatemalans Affected by Natural Phenomena

Guatemala, Oct 5. -In Guatemala there are about 228,831 victims of flood, telluric movements, structural collapses, landslides and collapses in September, assured an official report on Wednesday, 32 deaths too.The National Coordination for Disaster Reduction (CONRED) reported 203 incidents in the country this month, 80 of them in Santa Rosa southeastern department because of the seismic cluster that started last July 19.

Just in that department there are 7,945 victims, 6,364 (out of 13,391 nationwide), 3,342 living in shelters, seven injured, one death and 1,842 houses damaged.

Conred institutions and the rescue teams evacuated 7,451 citizens in that period of time, 3,802 of them were moved to shelters.

Two people were also missing, 10 injured and 2,948 houses slightly, moderate and seriously damaged

Except tremors the cause for the rest of the events occurred in this period of time is the heavy rain in almost the whole country that will remain for another two or three days, according to the weather forecast.

The Conred system is in orange alert and monitoring eventual meteorological conditions in each locality while advising the population to pay attention to the reports.

The National Seismology, Vulcanology, Meteorology and Hydrography Institute affirm the rainy season, called winter here, is normal and should finish by half of this month. (Prensa Latina)