Pre-Inca Culture Practiced Human Sacrifice

Lima, Sep 1. -The pre Inca culture Chimu, developed in the northern Peruvian coast, practiced human sacrifices, according to the 800-year old remains of 33 children and teenagers found in the area.The human remains were found along with those of 63 llamas (Andean camels) also ritually sacrificed in the northern La Libertad region, near Trujillo City, 570 kilometers from this capital.

The archaeologist in charge of the finding, Gabriel Prieto, said that the remains of the victims, from 6 to 8 years old, have a horizontal incision in the breastbone, according to the investigation carried out by forensic anthropologist Katia Valladares.

The incision was made to take out the heart of those sacrificed who were still alive, said the experts, who added that the macabre ritual is similar to those practiced by the Maya tribes in Central America and the Aztecs in Mexico. (Prensa Latina)