Cuba: Honduras Solidarity Campaign Wraps Up

Cuba: Honduras Solidarity Campaign Wraps UpHavana, Jun 28. -A campaign of solidarity with Honduras concludes Tuesday in this capital, exactly two years after the coup d'etat that overthrow the legitimate president of that country, Manuel Zelaya, and began a period of uncertainty.

A panel discussion, Honduras: Resistance of a People; a concert by Cuban and Venezuelan singer-songwriters and the Cuban group Moncada, will be featured at the closing event.

With its venue at the ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America) Cultural Center, the campaign was organized by the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center in Havana.

"We dream of a different nation, where our compatriots can grow and develop within their homeland," Honduran David Carranzas stated Monday, highlighting the stance of the National Front for Popular Resistance.

At the Monday event, many speakers highlighted the strength of the peoples when they united for just ideals, and the Honduran peoples' example for Latin America and the world.

They also reiterated that the coup against Zelaya was not by chance, and that the U.S. government was behind that event, which acts against those who oppose capitalist policies. (Prensa Latina)