Neoliberal Model in Chile Reached its Deadlock

Neoliberal Model in Chile Reached its Deadlock Santiago de Chile, Jun 25. -The state of social turmoil in Chile shows that the neoliberal model imposed by the regime of Augusto Pinochet (1973-1990) reached its highest point, noted the magazine Punto Final on Friday here.

The model of dictatorial domination regime is exhausted because the country in which it was imposed changed, remarked the media after referring to the escalade of social protests so far this year and mainly mass demonstrations in defense of public education.

The situation revealed that institutionalization mainly built by the dictatorship is trapped in its own trap: an economic, social, political and cultural model that does not include among its duties to solve the peoples' problems, added the well-known periodical of the Chilean left-wing party.

The demonstrators catalyze a state of mind that prevail among the sectors that suffer directly the torments of market economy: vast indebtedness, low salaries, labour instability, rise in prices of food and terrible health care, it explained.

It also added: dramatic shortage of houses, lack of transportation and discriminatory education that deprive the majority of youngsters from their future; definitely a model of society based on profits and individualism. (Prensa Latina)