Jurists from Southern Camaguey celebrated their Day

Jurists from Southern Camaguey celebrated their DaySanta Cruz del Sur, Jun 9. – The activities for the Jurist’s Day in Santa Cruz del Sur were held at the Ignacio Agramonte Primary School, where a tribute to El Mayor and other important people of the Jurist Field in this territory was paid. In front of all laws professionals of the territory, Graduate Ricardo Acuña shared an opening speech, and called to keep the ideals of that young man graduated in laws on June 8th 1865.

The recognition also touched those workers who played a leading role in the construction activities of the Local Court, and Prosecutor’s Office. Among them Andrés Naranjo Sotomayor, Odelkis Molina Hernández and Adriel Mojena Cabeza.

After placing a floral offering before the statue of Ignacio Agramante, Liyuán Revolta Bouza, member of the Board of Directors of the Local Communist Party, dedicated some words to the attendees.

The directive stated that nowadays Santa Cruz del Sur counts on two facilities that can be termed as the first world, and the most important thing, that is to say, the cumin capital, is already there.

The tribute to the Jurist’s Day in this southern region closed with a tour to the cemetery, in order to place flowers on the pantheon where the local attorney Teresa Rodríguez Aguilar lies. (Yamile Agrenot Castillo / Radio Santa Cruz)