New Test for Early Identification of Atherosclerosis

New Test for Early Identification of AtherosclerosisWashington, May 27. -A new test for early identification of lipids in the arteries has been developed by U.S. specialists, according to the latest edition of the journal Science Translational Medicine.

This is the indocyanine that is a green dye which can detect the early signs of future development of atherosclerosis, that is to say when blood vessels begin to harden, said the authors from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA.

The technique can also be used as a contrast to identify sites in danger, says this article.

This compound locates atheromas in 20 minutes and provides a strong enough signal for detection in vivo of these problems.

The researchers added that this compound is currently used in ophthalmology to see blood vessels in the eye and that it will be available to patients in less than five years.(Prensa Latina)