Mexico: More Mass Graves Found in Tamaulipas

Mexico: More Mass Graves Found in TamaulipasMexico City, Apr 9. -Authorities said Friday that they had found two more mass graves containing 13 bodies in the town of San Fernando in the northeast border state of Tamaulipas, for a total of 72 bodies.

Morelos Canseco, secretary general of the government, Televisa television that the two new graves were discovered very close to where eight others had been found, and that the victims, all men, appeared to have been killed recently.

Canseco indicated that efforts were being made to identify the bodies, and that experts believe they may be Mexicans executed by gangs operating in the region, although prosecutors were still investigating.

Canseco appealed for citizens to develop a culture of reporting wrongdoing, saying it was the only way to clear up events and bring justice to the victims.

On Thursday, Alejandro Poire of the National Security Council (NSC) announced the arrest of 14 suspects after the discovery of 59 bodies in the first eight graves in the border region.

He also reported that several National Defense Secretariat operations in the past few days had freed five kidnapping victims. (Prensa Latina)