59 Bodies Found In Mass Graves in Tamaulipas, Mexico

59 Bodies Found In Mass Graves in Tamaulipas, Mexico Mexico City, Apr 8. -Fifty-nine bodies were found in eight mass graves in the town of San Fernando, located in the northern border state of Tamaulipas.

Tamaulipas was the site of a massacre of 72 migrants in August 2010.

Local reports have not yet specified if the victims were Central American migrants or passengers of a local bus presumed to have been kidnapped in late March.

Federal and the state police discovered 11 bodies in the first six graves, in the farm hamlet of La Joya.

In the seventh and eighth pit, 43 and five bodies were found, respectively, according to the Public Ministry in Tamaulipas.

The head of the National Human Rights Commission, Raul Plasencia, noted that a court-appointed complaint was presented for an investigation of the mass homicide in San Fernando.

San Fernando is one of the country's largest municipalities and is the obligatory path for those using the Matamoros-Ciudad Victoria road, which is generally used for migrants en route to the United States. (Prensa Latina)