Cuba Applies Computer Science to Geology

Cuba Applies Computer Science to GeologyHavana, Apr 6. -Accurate calculations in geology studies and the possibility of simulations are the result of computer science applied to the land sciences, and these experiences are being presented Wednesday at the international conference Geoinfo 2011.

The 10th Cuban Congress on Geographic Information Science, "Geoinfo 2011," is one of several events being held in parallel with the 4th Cuban Earth Sciences Convention "Geociencias 2011" April 4-8 at the Havana International Conference Center.

Among the issues under discussion is the design of a safety management system for the digital technical file of the national office of mineral resources, and the simulation techniques for limonite and saprolite in lateritic deposits, one of the main sources of nickel.

Limonite is very common in oxidized parts of iron-bearing deposits, and saprolite is a chemically weathered rock.

The 4th Cuban Earth Sciences Convention, the 9th Cuban Geology Congress, the 6th Cuban Geophysics Congress, the 3rd Cuban Oil and Gas Congress, and the 4th Cuban Mining Congress are also being held in parallel with the Geoinfo 2011 Congress.

Also on the list are workshops on the Geochemistry of Ground Waters and Contamination, Geo-Archaeology of the Caribbean and Central America, Geodynamics and seismicity in the Caribbean region.

Gold prospects and exploitation, marine-coastal geology, mining and environmental liabilities and rehabilitation, and the First International Workshop of the Latin American Association of Geo-Statistics, will also be held.

The geosciences are the study of internal structure, morphology, superficial dynamics and evolution of the planet, and cover geology, geography, geophysics, meteorology, oceanography and paleonthology. (Prensa Latina)