Documentary: U.S. Policy of Subversion Continues

Documentary: U.S. Policy of Subversion ContinuesHavana, Apr 5. -The United States today is using modern information and communication technology in its strategy against Cuba, according to the latest episode of the documentary series "Cuba´s Reasons," broadcast on Cuban television Monday night.

This is a challenge for national security that Cuba continues to confront, because it will not give up the Cuban people´s development and access to new technologies, the testimonial program stated.

Up until the very last moments of his supposedly enemy activity, the Cuban undercover state security agent Raul Capote was being asked for current data on various aspects of Cuba, especially top leaders.

The main objective of the U.S. intelligence services regarding the island is to continued building a manipulated and servile counterrevolution, but at the same time, one that can offer a different image to the world, the documentary noted.

Men such as Raul Capote have been able to stop actions whose final objective was the overthrow of the social project here, the documentary showed.

For Raul Capote, "to have the possibility of being in that front line" of combat has been "an experience that was worth having lived."

The documentary, Fabricando un Lider (Fabricating a Leader), part of the series Cubaâ�Ös Reasons, revealed the continuity of U.S. subversive policy against the Caribbean nation in its zeal to destroy the Revolution.(Prensa Latina)